Monday, 5 November 2012

Pre-Heresy Imperial Fists WIP

Hi all! Sorry about the wait! So, I got an Aztek airbrush and compressor... OH MY GOODNESS!! Why did I not do this years ago! It has revolutionised my modelling life!! Here's how, with my imperial fists which I am currently in the middle of working on. (Sorry about photo quality! I'm in the middle of getting hitched so not had a great deal of time! I'll get some good ones soon.)

I'm painting 5 MkIV marines and a Contemptor pattern dreadnought. Here's how:

Undercoated black and then oversprayed with a rusty brown colour (bestial brown) and then given a layer of matt varnish (Testors matte coat). This is to seal it for the next stage where I gave it a spray of hairspray (any old cheap stuff will do!) and sprinkled some large grain salt over the model so it sticks to the wet hairspray. When dry, I then basecoated over the top of the salt with a brown/yellow and then a brighter yellow on the top. When dry, using my thumb I gently rubbed off the salt, taking the paint with it, and leaving the rusty colour showing beneath creating a GREAT paint chip effect! Here it is:

Realistic ruggedness or what?! More to come very soon!

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