Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Napoleonic Frenchmen WIP

Hello there!

In recent days I have been getting pretty excited about Napoleonic wargaming. Specifically the Perry Miniatures range of miniatures and the Warlord Games Black Powder rules set. These look like simple but effective rules, and should be a lot of fun to game with! All I need now are some models to play with...

So I've been working on some! I have recently completed some british models which I will blog about soon (when I have found the time to get some decent pics!) but in the meantime, here ar a few shots of the first French battalion I've been working on:

Due to the fact that I'm going to need to paint a fair few of these fellas I've gone for a style of painting that should mean a decent finish in a reasonable time! I've gone for a white undercoat and then filled in the tunics, boots, hats etc with blocks of colour. (For those interested I used Runefang Steel for the metal, the tunics were Kantor Blue, the hat covers and brown great coats are Steel Legion Drab, the skin Kislev Flesh and the black was Chaos Black. Other great coats were painted using Space Wolves Grey and Bleached Bone. Any gold trim was Burnished Gold)

The 3rd Fusilier Company of the 2nd Line Regiment

I've then washed the whole lot with Agrax Earthshade to put in the shading and done a little bit of highlighting on the white straps and faces. The flag was a piece of paper cut to size, folded in two and stuck together using some wood glue. I then gloss varnished it and, using a home made waterslide transfer of the flag I wanted, added the detail. Gloss varnished it again and sprayed it with matt varnish to seal it all up. Basing is just Mournfang Brown with a Steel Legion Drab drybrush, edged with Mournfang Brown. The grass is a mix of GW static grasses and a little bit of the big fat 'ol flocky stuff!

All in all I think they've turned out pretty well! Now, to get the whole battalion finished so I can start some cavalry...


Just a quick addition as I finally managed to get the second company finished! More to come:

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blood Bowl Orc Team - Update 2

Hello again!

Well, not only have I managed to finish the Skaven Blood Bowl Team, I've even managed to polish off an Orc team for them to line up against! And here they are!


They consist of the Orcs from the Blood Bowl boxed game with a few converted additions to add a few more tactical options. They faced my Skaven team (Queek's Headtakers) yesterday and were soundly beaten, but I have high hopes for them! A bit more of a play around with troll and goblin tactics and I think they could be formidable... Anyway, here they are in all their individual glory:

Number 02: Lobba Litepants

Number 73: Ungul Face-smasher
Number 51: Morgut da Grinda
Number 54: Bogga Slowpoke

Number 94: Bugrit Fublefist
Number 90: Bentstil Git-splatter

Black Orc Blockers
Number 63: Urguk Face-sitta
Number 72: Big-gob Grunta

Number 13: Gribble But-scratcher
Number 16: Pickit Finger-licka
Number 81: Arthur the Git
(All three are conversions using gnoblars with imperial guard shoulder pads)

Number 60: Thicky Trout-breath
(A river troll and green stuff conversion with plastic rod rivets and paperclip face cage)

Well, there they are! I hope you like them (and their shiny helmets. Well, they are Evil Sunz after all so have a lot of teef to spend on shiny things!) and I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare in the future! I'm looking for games, so if you're in the east london area and want a match, leave me a post! Now, I'm off to get started on the boxed games human team...

Skaven Blood Bowl Team Project - Update

Hi there!

Bit of an absence recently I know. Apologies! However, I have some updates to share so without further ado, may I present the complete (well... full strength anyway!) converted Skaven Blood Bowl Team!


They had their first game yesterday and did me proud getting me a 2-0 win against the Orc team I've also been working on (wielded by my good friend Matt! A cunning adversary). A handy MVP and casualty combining to get me my first upgrade for number 90, a lineman, who is now the proud owner of the 'Kick' skill! Hurrah. Anyway, here are the team in all their individual glory:

Number 01: Chuckit McFlashpants
(A green stuff, imperial guardsman shoulder pad, stormvermin and ogre punch dagger conversion)

Number 62: Sneelitch Snaggletooth
Number 65: Rustik Lofar
Number 67: Burk Vermintide
Number 69: Adrian Brown
Number 74: Sneeki Kakstep
Number 90: Benjaminty Stillk
(All stormvermin, imperial guardsman shoulder pad and ogre punch dagger conversions)

Stormvermin Blitzers
Number 38: Morslick Krakskull
Number 55: Skleet Krittersplat
(Both stormvermin, imperial guardsman shoulder pad and ogre punch dagger conversions, with added 40K Ork shoulder pads and arms)

Gutter Runners
Number 11: Skquik Ikistep
Number 18: Bazflem Skitterleap
(Clanrat, imperial guardsmen shoulder pads and green stuff conversions)

Rat Ogre
Number 50: Masskil Vart
(Island of blood rat ogre, greenstuff and 40K Ork shoulder pad conversion)

Now to get some more games! If you're in the east london area an play, leave me a post! Now, off to doa post for my Orc team...