Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Imperial Fists Legion

Hi all!

All happily married now thanks (it went very well, ta!) and have found a little time to finish of the Imperial Fists that I showed a few (shoddy) WIP shots of in my last post. So, without further ado, here they are.

First of all, here are the first 5 of my first Legion Tactical Squad:

And here's the Contemptor, front and back:

And his base, complete with guardsman who really chose the wrong place to take cover:

And here they all are, hanging out together and having a lovely time:

And in profile:

If you have any questions about the models or any of the techniques I used, scribble a comment and I'll see if I can help :)

I'm off to start gluing together the next 5 tactical marines, including the squad sergeant with his plumed helmet! Nothing says "I'm gonna conquer your planet, so be afraid" like a plume!! I'll post them up here when they're done.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. hey these look somewhat similar to mine at himonterra.blogspot.com! what did you do for the bases?

    1. (also what did you use for the yellow?)

    2. I have stupidly not used the reply system properly! See replies below :S

  2. Nice minis! The bases were just a bit of ready mix polyfiller from my local DIY store roughly applied. The tank trap was a bit of the resin wedge that forgeworld models come attached to. The shell casings are just a little bit of plastic rod and the fellas legs were an Imperial guardsmans and the guts made from green stuff. All airbrushed with a couple if shades of brown and then some weathering powder chucked on. That any help?! :)

  3. Black basecoat, sprayed with bestial brown (roughly), sealed with Matt varnish, then sprayed with hairspray and sprinkled with large grained salt. Then over that I sprayed balor brown and then yriel yellow. When it was dry, rubbed off salt to leave chips in yellow. Works pretty well!! Painted brown ink into recesses and weathering powder over everything when done, but concentrating on recesses again. First time I tried all this, but it seems to have worked out ok in the end!