Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Blood Bowl Orc Team - Update 2

Hello again!

Well, not only have I managed to finish the Skaven Blood Bowl Team, I've even managed to polish off an Orc team for them to line up against! And here they are!


They consist of the Orcs from the Blood Bowl boxed game with a few converted additions to add a few more tactical options. They faced my Skaven team (Queek's Headtakers) yesterday and were soundly beaten, but I have high hopes for them! A bit more of a play around with troll and goblin tactics and I think they could be formidable... Anyway, here they are in all their individual glory:

Number 02: Lobba Litepants

Number 73: Ungul Face-smasher
Number 51: Morgut da Grinda
Number 54: Bogga Slowpoke

Number 94: Bugrit Fublefist
Number 90: Bentstil Git-splatter

Black Orc Blockers
Number 63: Urguk Face-sitta
Number 72: Big-gob Grunta

Number 13: Gribble But-scratcher
Number 16: Pickit Finger-licka
Number 81: Arthur the Git
(All three are conversions using gnoblars with imperial guard shoulder pads)

Number 60: Thicky Trout-breath
(A river troll and green stuff conversion with plastic rod rivets and paperclip face cage)

Well, there they are! I hope you like them (and their shiny helmets. Well, they are Evil Sunz after all so have a lot of teef to spend on shiny things!) and I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare in the future! I'm looking for games, so if you're in the east london area and want a match, leave me a post! Now, I'm off to get started on the boxed games human team...

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