Friday, 21 June 2013

28mm Napoleonic British at Waterloo

Hi there!

As promised, I've finally managed to take a few photos of the British that I have managed to get painted up so far! They are all Perry Miniatures 28mm models and the infantry are plastics and the cannon and crew are metal. So without further ado, here they are:

2nd Battalion Coldsteam Guards

95th Rifles

 A Royal Horse Artillery 9lb cannon

Most of the above models were painted using GW acrylics over a white undercoat, followed by a brown wash over the top. Quick but effective! Useful when you know you've got several hundred models to get through! The exception was the Rifle companies who were painted over a black undercoat due to the large areas of black and dark green. I also too the opportunity of having the camera set up to try out a few dioramas to set them off nicely! And here they are:

Members of the 95th Rifles advance in a skirmish screen ahead of the main infantry line.

As the french close in, the Guards form a square to protect themselves from enemy cavalry.

The plucky brits hold their fire, waiting for the optimum moment to fire on the advancing French columns.

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