Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blood Angels Task Force

I have been wanting to paint a few blood angels for years and recently decided to go ahead and put together a small task force so I could try my hand at the classic space marine paint scheme. I have so far completed two units for the force. Firstly, a combat squad of tactical marines:

The sergeant was vaguely based on the picture from the old Warhammer 40K second edition boxed set, but toned down the yellow a little! I still need to finish the banner off, but they're pretty much complete! The second unit is a Furioso Dreadnought. A great model and I wanted to make it look mush more dynamic, like the close combat monstrosity it's meant to be! So I've pinned the arms out and added bass guitar string cabling to make them less rigid looking. I've also made him taller by adding a few metal washers in at the waist. If you do this, best to pin the torso to the legs of the model to make him less likely to snap in half during games! The left leg was also cut carefully at the knee and re glued to look as if he is stepping up onto the rock. Finally I carefully cut off 3 of the four fingers and repositioned them to make it look like he's pointing out his next victim:

I thought that the base could do with a bit of work too. I added the rock as something for him to be stepping up onto. The rock is a real rock from the garden, washed off and stuck on, then blended into the base with a bit of milliput. I also thought it would be cool to have his latest victim on the base, so added a skeleton and painted it to look like it had just been immolated by his flamer! The way to get this effect is to paint the skeleton with oranges, yellows and reds, making sure to get into all the crevasses, and then overbrushing all the raised areas with black. Looks like he's glowing from the inside as he cools!

I have some Death Company on the go at the moment so I'll add them on as they're finished!

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