Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Skaven Blood Bowl Team Project

I have recently started getting into Blood Bowl, and what a brilliant game it is too! If you are yet to try it, I cannot recommend it highly enough! REALLY good fun. In fact, I thought I'd put together my own Skaven team based on the team list in the Blood Bowl Competition Rules using some bits and bobs I had knocking around from a Skaven army I'm working on. With a bit of hacking, glueing, green stuffing in a surprisingly short amount of time I have ended up with the team below:

I've begun painting them up and I'll add them below as they're finished, with a little more detail about how I put them together.

This is my thrower. He's essentially a stormvermin with the crest cut off of his helmet and a green stuff ball modeled under his arm. The right shoulder guard in the shoulder guard from a Cadian imperial guardsman's arm. Simple but effective!

This is one of the 6 Linemen in the team. They're effectively made the same way as the thrower, just no ball!

A couple of gutter runners will be needed to get a few quick, sneaky touch downs so I've made two, one of which is above. He's a clanrat from the plastic boxed set with a Cadian shoulder guard added. The cape is made from green stuff which I then blended into the hood on the original model.

I had to have a rat ogre. Mainly as I wanted to paint up the model, and also because Skaven lack punch so could do with the help! He's one of the rat ogres from the Island of Blood boxed set an all I've added is a 40K Ork shoulder guard and a small green stuff plate to cover the top of his head so he looks like he fits in with the rest of the team.


  1. Hi,

    Great conversion work!

    For both thrower and lineman, where does the left shoulder pad come from?


    1. Thanks James! :)

      I had good fun making them. Just need to finish painting the last few now...

      The shoulder pads are made from ogre kingdoms plastic ogres punch daggers. My bro had a bunch left over. They need a bit of cutting down but look good when they're trimmed.

      Hope that helps!