Friday, 22 June 2012

Blood Bowl Orc Team - Update 1

As promised, here's the work in progress on the Orc team currently in production! I've finished 3 linemen so far and here's one of them:

I've used the new paints for the flesh, and have to say they we're pretty good! Very nice to use and cover really well (though not with one coat as sometimes boldly claimed, but then which paint really does AND keeps detail). I've glossed the armour with 'ardcoat to give it the shiny, laquered effect that american football helmets have. I've also converted a some goblins to be chucked by the troll and here's an example:

A knoblar makes up the main body with a cadian shocktrooper shoulder guard for the shoulder pad. I'll add more pics as they get finished off! (I will try to improve pic quality too as i appreciate its not great! sorry!)

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