Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Blood Bowl Orc Team

As well as the Skaven team I've been working on, I'm also painting up the Orc team thats come with the Blood Bowl boxed set. However, I also wanted to add a few extras so I've made a troll and some goblins to go along with the standard models you get in the game. And here he is on the workbench:

He's based on a river troll from the river troll boxed set and I've just modeled on a large left shoulder pad with a sheet of green stuff, and the right shoulder pad is a smoothed off old chaos warrior shoulder guard. The helmet was just built up using green stuff and the bards are a paperclip, cunningly bent using a pair of narrow nosed pliers. To make him fit the style of the rest of the team I added some rivets using small discs cut from a piece of very thin plastic rod and glued in place using super glue. Now to paint him and finish off the goblins for him to throw!

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